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1661 Main St.

Sarasota, FL


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Group Locations

Monday Night

6:15 PM

All people are welcome. Group starts at 6:15pm. Kiddos welcome.

2517 Valencia Dr.

Sarasota, Fl



Thursday Night

6:15 PM

All are welcome. Groups starts at 6:15pm. Kiddos Welcome!

1772 Old Summerwood blvd

Sarasota, Fl



Life is a tremendous gift to be celebrated and it can be hard. The truth is that the highs are greater and lows gets even harder when you do not have people to share it with. People are built to live in community by God. It is a simple need in our lives. Here is the stark reality in America today. Forbes publish a study of 20,000 Americans and the results are staggering... 

  • 46% felt alone either sometimes or always

  • 47% felt left out

  • 27% rarely or never felt as though there are people who really understand them. 

  • 43% felt that their relationships are not meaningful

  • 43% felt isolated from others

  • 20% rarely or never felt close to people

  • 18% didn't feel like there are people they can talk to

  • Only 53% have meaningful in-person social interactions, such as having an extended conversation with a friend or spending quality time with family, on a daily basis. 

  • The loneliest generation of adults was Generation Z or those 18 to 22 years old.

If you feel this way, your not alone. At Bedrock groups are one of the solutions to this. We want Bedrock to be a place where everyone belongs. We believe that God designed us to live in relationship with Him and with others. Our vision for "Crew" groups are a place where people can come together to belong, to love one another, serve one another, study God's Word together and serve their community together. These groups are not just simply a time for us gather again  but they are the major way in which discipleship and relationship happen in our church. 

These groups are a way to make the BIG, smaller. We want a church that is connected with one another and where people don't feel like they are lost, unnoticed or un-loved. We are a church of believers that gather together to worship and scatter to serve and reach our community. Crews exists to be a a group of people that gather together in their community to grow together and to be a gospel presence  to the  community they are in.