What is Bedrock U All About?

We are excited to announce BedrockU! The vision for BedrockU came during this pandemic season with so many people not able to gather together and the fatigue of online gatherings.  The Bible says in John8:32 that, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” We all have to learn how discern what the truth is. It is our desire to walk along side you to help train you to do this on your own. We want to make studying the Bible, accessible, engaging, practical and exciting.

Join up and let's walk through different areas of the faith together. The first place to start is “The Basics” In this section you will learn how to study the Bible on your own, basic theology and much more. New content is coming out all the time. Be sure to sign up so that you don’t miss a thing!

Lets Grow Together

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