Why We Give

Many people come to wonder why the church asks for people to give. Isn't the church just about taking money to profit for themselves or to build huge buildings? ​

There are a couple of reasons why we ask people to give, but let's be clear what it isn't:

1) God doesn't need it to accomplish His plan.

2) It's not about buildings or salaries.​

​Giving is about:

Worship: What we worship we serve and obey. Tithing is a matter of obedience and a matter of worship. We are giving God our first 10% not because He demands it but because he deserves it.
(Lev.27:30; 2 Cor. 9:7)

Belief: We believe that God can multiply what we give and do abundantly more. We believe in God and his mission to reach the world and part of that means giving to it.

Hope: At Bedrock, we trust in Jesus as the hope of our lives and as the hope of the world. we pray that what we give will grow and be used to bring hope to our city and the world.

2 Ways To Give

Text to Give @ 84321

There will be a 1 min setup